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Five reasons to relish Mondays

Monday by Darren Price

So here I am on a Monday evening, reflecting on what a great day I’ve had and how enjoyable, productive and relaxing it’s been. It’s been a mix of what most people would call work and pleasure and for me, that’s the perfect combination. As I’m winding down for the day, updating my task list for tomorrow, I got thinking about Mondays and what we tell ourselves about them that often doesn’t get us in a “get up and go” kind of mood.

The downside of living for the weekend

I often hear people talking about their work / life balance and they reveal they only consider themselves to be “living” at the weekends. It’s like they just exist in the week, surviving day to day.

Do you feel like this or tell yourself that going to work rarely isn’t living, it’s only working that it can’t be pleasurable and it’s only at weekends that you get a life?

Why not live 7 days a week, not just 2?

I think that this is unhelpful and very limiting. I want to be able to say I am living 7 days a week, not just 2. People tell me they are so tired by the weekend, they collapse in a heap on Friday night, spend Saturday morning cleaning, shopping and generally doing chores. That only leaves Sunday for any relaxation, social or family time. I don’t think that’s enough.

I’m not saying I don’t get tired from work or that I am not often found crashed out on the sofa on a Friday night with Netflix and a takeaway curry, but it’s more about attitude and how much we can give ourselves permission to enjoy weekdays as much as weekends. To consider working as living, and not as something that isn’t.

We hear it on the radio

Think about most radio stations, how often do they start a “countdown to the weekend” on a Friday afternoon as if it’s only Friday that can feel like a good day because it’s the day before Saturday?

Why don’t they do something similar on Monday mornings? A “wake up to a wonderful week” theme to get us all feeling upbeat, excited and positive about the opportunities ahead of us in the next 5 days at work.

As someone who has been self-employed for a long time, I rarely distinguish a weekday from a weekend in terms of how I choose to spend my time, and perhaps that is also a useful mindset for those who work a more traditional pattern. I feel free to decide how I feel about week days and they are just as good and enjoyable as a weekend to me.

Five reasons to relish Mondays

Whatever we do for a living, (and there’s a phrase to reconsider in light of this!) we all get an opportunity each week to do something useful, positive or challenging. And it usually starts with a Monday! We might:

  • Be able to give great customer service and make someone’s day a little easier
  • Help out a colleague and work together on a project
  • Learn something new and stretch our own thinking
  • Deliver our company’s commitment to whatever service or sector we’re in
  • Make a difference to someone somewhere with our knowledge or experience