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A return to blogging . . . all thanks to The Blessing

I am writing this on a Saturday afternoon, after a realisation during the week that has created some clarity a few days ago and then a burst of energy to write this today viagra en vente libre en espagne. I have been backwards and forwards with social media for Find Your Inner Unicorn since setting it up last autumn. I got all involved and engaged about 10 months ago, and then felt a bit baffled by how to be effective and not feel overwhelmed, so my activity level tapered off.

I went to some great social media training, run by the brilliant Jo Booth from Social Media Makes Sense (www.socialmediamakeseense.co.uk) and thanks to Hayley Hulme for coming with me. I had a 1-2-1 session with Jo a few months later. She was fab, really energised me, explained a load of stuff I didn’t understand and helped me create a strategy and an action plan that I was sure would work for me. I was back on track! I was ready to go! Yay!

Then I was away for almost all of June and had pretty much no wifi connection for a month and the whole thing came to a grinding halt again.

So all summer I’ve been procrastinating, telling myself that “there’s no point starting this again until the website is updated and the video testimonials are on there as I don’t want to direct people to the site unless it’s the best it can be for the moment”. Great excuse huh?! Sounds entirely plausible!

We filmed the testimonials a couple of weeks ago, and I must say a huge thanks so much to those of you who came and those of you who couldn’t but offered a written one. Having got some feedback that evening bout the idea of The Blessing, I had this realisation . . . I feel attachment and belonging to those who have been through the retreats, in a way I just don’t when I use social media more generally and can’t connect to strangers. I haven’t known who I belong to when I post stuff on Facebook or use Twitter. In creating The Blessing I get to belong and now I can feel a new energy for writing, posting, blogging and tweeting.

You know me, my unicorn friends, you know most of “my stuff” is Level 2, about belonging, and experiencing a lack of that and how that has shaped my beliefs my whole life to want to create connections, nurture relationships and feel that I belong. What wasn’t working for me with social media is that I didn’t know who I was connecting to or meant to belong to when I wrote blogs and posts. I didn’t know “who for” and so it felt faceless, nameless and so quickly became meaningless. And so of course I just stopped doing it. Because that’s what happens when we are not living in our values or purpose, we don’t prioritise stuff. I have a core value around connection and this is a new expression of that for me.

Now I know how to keep my motivation levels up . . . I draw on my value of connection and write for you, our blessing of unicorns, because I feel a sense of belonging with you. I can write authentically, with integrity, as “just me” because my purpose in writing blogs and using social media is to nurture our relationships and sustain the power of the amazing friendships and support that has formed already through the Unicorn retreats.

I can write for you, tweet to you, put posts on Facebook and find pictures, quotes and inspirational sayings to share with you all day long, because I know you, I love you all and I want to be of service to you.

I want these blogs to be thoughtful and thought-provoking, so I’ve come up with a schedule of blogs, posts and tweets that I hope will be interesting and useful for you. From now on, please watch out for Mindful Mondays, Wellbeing Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays and Celebration Saturdays. I hope these themes will resonate with you. I’m going to have Fun on Fridays with Unicorn of the Week and any contributions of unicorns seen / posted anywhere that can be shared would be fabulous. All comments, thoughts and responses received with gratitude.

So thank you to all of you in The Blessing, whether you wish to be an active member or not, whether you choose to go for one of the paid membership options or not, whether you ever read this or not, I know you’re out there and that makes the world of difference to me.

This is the design I ended up choosing for the logo . . . it represents outward-facing connection whilst having each others backs. And looks much less like the European Union flag than the other design I came up with!