Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support through on a membership basis for all those who have experienced a Find Your Inner Unicorn retreat.

We call this The Blessing, because a blessing is the collective noun for a group of unicorns. All our participants say that the support, friendship and care they experience from each other during the retreat was an additional blessing that they weren’t expecting. We wanted to find a way to nurture and grow this and so created The Blessing to provide ongoing support.

Once you’ve completed the two-day retreat you automatically become a member of The Blessing and join all those who have participated previously. Membership of The Blessing is free and gives you:

  • Access to a private Facebook Group in which to connect with other members, share learning and support each other, with posted content to stimulate dialogue and discussion
  • Inclusion in the mailing list for regular Inner Unicorn blogs
  • An invitation to an annual retreat for a long weekend of nurturing, pampering, companionship, reflection and fun
  • The option for ongoing support and participation at a number of different levels and formats through paid members