Why unicorns?

Unicorns are a symbol of the magic and power that is in all of us and all around us and yet so often we simply miss, ignore or dismiss.

By magic and power, we mean the incredible capacity we all have for compassion, generosity of spirit, making a difference, doing wonderful things at work and in life for ourselves and others.

All of that starts with each one of us, our unique self, who we are as a being full of potential.

When we identify and align with our values and purpose, we step into our power. So your inner unicorn is the innate beauty, freedom and healing available to each one of us, unique in the way it is expressed for each person.

That’s the essence of what we offer in this retreat; a pathway to find your inner unicorn.

More Information

There is some background and theory to set the scene for the retreat which is brought to life in a practical, engaging and accessible way, to create opportunities for insight, awareness and choice in our capacity for transformation.

We use a framework for a deep-dive exploration of values and beliefs, how these both serve and hold us back in our lives and careers.

We then move into a creative space to discover or define our purpose, what we are drawn to be and do in our personal and professional lives.

That’s really what this is about, finding the source of energy and motivation that means we do what we love and love what we do, fully able to express our freedom of being in our lives and work.

There will be some pre-work to do in the form of conversations with 2 to 3 key people in your life or work, or both, using a short questionnaire sent in advance.

This takes between 30 to 60 minutes with each person and is such an interesting and useful exercise to undertake.

We’ll also ask you to complete a free Personal Values Assessment online to bring with you to the retreat.

Meet your facilitators...

Georgia Parker

Coach, trainer & transformational leadership facilitator

Jay Blithe

Network Development Leader for Barrett Values Centre

Georgia Parker and Jay Blithe met during their own transformational journey and created a powerful bond and commitment to work together to support other women to find their inner unicorns.

"We would love you to join us for a wonderful, transformational experience with a fantastic group of women! 

Much love, Georgia & Jay