How I hope that Trump will bring balance into the world

This is ¬†Mindful Monday’s post but I’m writing it now on Sunday as a) I’m out early doors and back late doors tomorrow and b) it’s really on my mind! You know this whole piece with The Donald over the weekend has really got me thinking about what I know instinctively and intuitively is needed in the world . . . the power of the feminine, to address the balance and bring to life in politics, global leaders, big business and in organisations of all sizes, shapes and forms around the world. I am astonished that anyone, of any gender or political persuasion could frame those comments as “locker room talk”. He refers to the host in the purple dress as “it” at one point in the conversation completely underlining and objectification of women for his own pleasure both proceeded and followed by boasting about a direct abuse of power, as a man, as someone famous. Let alone the more graphic comments . . .

I don’t actually care whether this is man talking about women, or a woman talking about men, or a man talking about goats, cows, donkeys or trees . . . the point for me is a complete lack of unconditional positive regard for another being and seeing this being only as an object to be used for his personal gratification.

The fact that she appears to put up their cheesy flirtations and sidles along with them in the video seems to be to me both testament to the “acceptable” nature of their comments and behaviour and to the fact that she’s used to being a woman operating in a male-dominant culture. I am wondering if she consciously realises that her beauty and ability to hold her own are both valuable assets and probably are helping her keep safe and keep her job. Is she playing along with the game? And if so, how sad is that, that a woman, or any person has to play a game with buffoons like Trump and that boy-child he is with Billy Bush.

What I also reflect on from reading and watching all this coverage over the weekend is that we are all capable of judgement and I am curious about how much people feel self-wrongeous around Trump and therefore expand his position to the highest levels of self-righteousness? I have decided after this weekend I do not wish to contribute to that on any way and so I’m going to step out of judgement on him as a person, as a man. What the American people are entitled to judge is whether or not they wish him to be president. I hope they don’t . . . and I suspect that the emergence of this video at what is a rather crucial stage in the election campaign has been deliberate.

In her book The Whole Elephant Revealed, Marja De Vries, writes about the re-emergence of the power of femininity as a long energetic wave to counter balance the male-dominated societies that have formed and developed globally during the last few thousand years. Forgive me if I am misquoting, I lent the book to someone so I can’t check, but the essence of her argument is that we are due a return, on a deep, powerful and spiritual level, to an age where the qualities of femininity are felt more resonantly, noticed, appreciated and spread into leadership on a global scale. She says that this is what could save the planet from the destructive path of consumerism, lack of regard for the environment, subjugation of others, including women, children and those from any kind of minority. I hope this is the case and I think that femininity is present in many men, men I would choose as friends, lovers, colleagues and is expressed in values such as empathy, connection, open-heartedness, caring, compassion, making a difference. It’s not about having women in charge, it’s about having the balance of the best of the genders rising to the fore and held together in an unspoken divine union of highest purpose that allows human evolution to evolve. But for those women who do end up in charge, for the moment I think, they are needed to be tougher, more resilient, more able to handle themselves in this hopefully fading way of masculine qualities of aggression, objectification and abuse, for the moment at least. Maybe in a few generations, or a few hundred years, we’ll see female leaders who are able to be feminine and appreciated for it, alongside male leaders who are able to be masculine, and bring all the strength, tenacity and resoluteness that is required, without the extremes we’re seeing in the world at the moment. It’s not about gender for me on one level, it’s about humans and how we choose to relate to each other, see each other, support each other. And there is much to do, much to evolve.

So for this reason I am grateful for Trump viagra en ligne achat. His actions, his words are a form of energy and so, as we know, there will be an up from his down, or a down from his up, a wave that comes to counterbalance the lack of empathy, compassion and sensitivity he has expressed in that video and on many other occasions. I will be mindful of what he is contributing to our planet and I don’t mind if what I value about him isn’t at all what he thinks he’s here for!

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