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Eddie's magical creation

Yesterday my wise and wonderful friend Val Garrett came to a Find Your Inner Unicorn workshop here at my home in Whalley Range, in which we focused on our purpose and legacy.  Val’s poem captures her experience of the day and expresses her purpose of sharing wise, and magical, words that have value for others.

I want to mention our extraordinary chef too, Eddie Shepherd, who made the most exquisite food materialise out of thin air and literally in a puff of smoke! Have a look at to understand what he does and how to book onto his supper clubs.

Here is Val’s poem . . .


The Unicorn and Food Magicians

A blessing of Unicorns met in a special place

To share their purpose and relax in the space

They gathered in a haven where many women had met before

Unknowing the wonder behind each door


The goddess of Unicorns inspired us to believe

In all of our gifts and what we can achieve

Using wizardly wisdom beyond her years

We revealed our greatest challenges, and some of our fears


Not content with the programme full of joy and light

We were led round a path to further delight

Within the walled gardens through an ordinary door

No one could have guessed what was next in store


The food magician welcomed us into his culinary lair

With coloured tofu delights that hung in mid air

We drank from the cauldron that smoked with pink infusion

And the sweet sticky rainbow whistle draped in illusion


He worked magic with the mushrooms but not as you might think!

They’d been lovingly prepared, 4 times – not just washed in the sink

Served as a spoonful, ‘I want more’ they all begged

Then the potato arrived disguised as a nest egg


The divine chunks of bread came with butter – handmade of course

Leaving little room for the Haloumi in dill sauce

And just when you thought you could eat not another snaffle

Fizz bang, rich chocolate – the bergamot truffle


There was simply no room to sample the Unicorn cup cakes

Or the crunchy chocolates – for our tummies sake

We all took them home to wonder at our own pace

The wonderful experience that these magicians can create



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