Steve Carr’s journey – what’s the message?

My friend Steve

My friend Steve Carr

My friend Steve

My friend Steve

You may have picked up from Facebook or Twitter that I have an extraordinary house guest this week. You can find out more about Steve Carr at or join Steve’s Facebook page, Mental Health and Homeless Resource or follow him on Twitter @mindcanyon. I am honoured to have made a new friend in him.

Steve asked me this morning “what am I here for?” and that prompted a really interesting conversation about exactly that, what is he here for . . . and we both agreed we know some of that already and much of that has yet to be fully revealed.

We then got to talking about what the one key message is from his extraordinary journey and commitment, not just to himself, but for everyone and anyone that he meets along the way.

And I think it’s this . . . one person CAN make a difference. One person DOES make a difference. One person IS the difference.

I am a transformational trainer, coach and facilitator. I get to do work I love at a deep level of connection and commitment with businesses, teams and individuals to help them transform themselves in order to transform their leadership, organisation or life.   That is what I do, how I choose to spend my time and energy.

My life purpose, the reason I am on this planet as me, my unique self is to illuminate the way for those who seek their path to freedom. This is who I am and I seek to bring this purpose to life every day as in doing this, I experience my freedom.

My amazing new friend Steve is also doing just that – he is literally seeking his path to freedom with every step he takes as he travels through towns, cities, villages and rural areas. Each step takes him closer to his unique being and further way from the lifestyle he came to recognise was killing him.

It’s not my journey, it’s not my path, I have and am still taking a different route, but I have been fortunate enough to illuminate some of the way for him, at least the way to a comfy bed, a hot bath and a home cooked meal for a few nights. I have loved being able to provide a safe, relaxing and comfortable place for him to rest, regenerate, reflect. I hope he comes back. He will always be welcome.

With every person he meets on this incredible journey, I can see he finds a reflection of himself in some way that is helping him piece together who he is and who he wants to be, what he is here to do, his purpose on earth in the form of the unique being he is. He is finding his freedom and it seems to me he was compelled to do, or die. He chose to live, he chose to explore, he chose to be free. In his freedom, he finds both peace and a burning desire to be a person who makes a difference.

In offering Steve a room on Wednesday night, I did so instinctively, the tweet got sent before I had even realised I had typed it. I know that I did so intuitively because in offering to help, I would be living my life purpose and so here he is, now staying with me for a few days as I have been encouraging him to rest, relax a little, make the most of the connections and opportunities Manchester has. And we have many in the arena of homelessness and mental health issues. We have so many people sleeping rough in this city, let alone the hidden homelessness issue. He is in the perfect place to make a difference.

And so I reflect, and this is something Steve knows now from the inside out and from every blister he has, every step he has taken in cold, wet weather, every night he has slept out alone and entirely unsure about what the next day would bring: one person can make a difference, one person does make a difference, one person is the difference.

We made a difference to each other with our earlier conversation. Here I am now, an hour or so later, writing a new blog because of the stimulus that chat provided for me. And the direct request from him of course – he’s so polite when he asks, impossible to refuse!

He has made a difference to every single person he has met on his journey. And each person he has met will have made a difference to someone else that day, in some way or other.

What I have come to believe is that Steve is creating a movement that embodies the power of individual action becoming collective action. He walks and talks, literally, the power of being connected to a cause, to a purpose, that matters and so his walking and talking makes a difference commander viagra internet.

Steve is making a difference. Steve is the difference. And as Steve is, so can we all be. So do we all. Make your difference in a direction that has meaning and purpose for you. Find your purpose, find our cause, find what lights you up from the inside out, find your inner unicorn.

In doing so, we will all come together. We all then have and share and transmit the same message . We become united in love and compassion for ourselves and others equally.   Love and compassion is the both the message and the difference.



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Sarah Hanson - 12th March 2016

Loved reading this Georgia, and so looking forward to finding my purpose! xx

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