Back to blogging: 3 reasons to reconnect with social media

About 3 years ago, I started and very much enjoyed creating the website and the content. I wrote about how to think, feel, live and work better, sharing knowledge from my experience to date and bringing the best of what I had learnt over the years in my career and training.

For about six months, I blogged, posted and tweeted regularly, engaging actively and connecting with people. Then it got too much!

What I have come to realise is that the reason I had for beginning the blog wasn’t sufficiently durable to sustain my efforts when work and life got busy. I began writing boathouseblogs whilst I was on holiday, when I had plenty of time to connect and engage.

Back at work, months later, with a busy schedule and lots of commitments to clients, it became less and less of a priority. I felt overwhelmed every time I logged into Twitter, there were so many conversations going on about topics I was interested in and cared about. I felt I was struggling to keep up with the dialogue and getting lost in the millions of voices somewhere out there. So I just stopped and my accounts lay dormant until now!

Now I’m entirely clear about my purpose, the reason for reconnecting and whilst I feel a little unsure about quite how to proceed, I’m up for giving it a go and seeing where it takes me. I have new account, a clear purpose and it’s unicorns all the way.  I want to promote and share the amazing knowledge and wisdom that comes with the workshop, Find Your Inner Unicorn. There is so much depth to this, I know I can blog and blog and keep blogging!

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What I want to do is connect and communicate with people, who like me, want to think, feel, live and work better (that part hasn’t changed!) and I have a new approach through Finding Your Inner Unicorn that is completely congruent with this. I can see now how I can benefit from social media and in return, I want to be of benefit to those I connect with using these platforms.

So here are my 3 reasons for reconnecting:

  1. It’s the way to go! I have a strong preference for working face to face, I love facilitating a group of people, doing deep transformational work and I recognise that in order to help me do this, I need to get with the programme and find people where they are – on their twitter accounts at lunchtime, on Facebook in the evening after work, on Linked In once the kids have gone to bed.
  1. I believe that what I want to share, my message, is of value and can make a difference. In order to be of service to as many people as possible, I want to use communication and engagement methods that others value and that have a place in their lives.
  1. It’s all learning for me and feeling stretched by this, out of my comfort zone, is a good thing for my growth and development. That’s a theme I’ll come back to in a future blog, the benefit of stepping outside our comfort zones, so in order to practice what I preach, here I go . . .

If any of these reasons connect with you, then let me know. I want to help others by sharing content, liking, commenting and so if I can help you out in some way through my social media presence, then give us a shout.

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Tracey Johnson - 28th February 2016

Hello Georgia, great blog and I so connect with what you have said. I would describe myself as an “intermittent” user of social media. What I actually mean is that I peruse and view every day, but don’t post much very often. I found myself being very active around 18 months ago, but after starting a new role in September 2014, it seemed to slip by the wayside, probably for no other reason than that of starting a new role and all that that entails. Just never seemed enough hours in the day. However, 2016, I too want to change that and am thinking about joining you and many others in starting a blog. Being totally honest, I find the whole blogging arena a little daunting, starting with setting up a blog infrastructure!
I tend to split my social media between Twitter, LinkedIn, PInterest and Facebook. Although my Facebook account is purely for connected with friends and family – I try to keep that distinct from “worky” stuff.
So, in conclusion, well done and good luck! I’ll be joining you soon!

    Georgia Parker - 28th February 2016

    Thanks for the feedback Tracey and great to hear from you! I’m also kind of relieved to know it’s not just me! I have invested some time recently in some social media workshops, talking to people about it, and Al from Dallas Matthews who designed my websites and takes care of me in all things t’internet has also been most helpful. I decided that speaking to people who know what they are doing, picking their brains, getting some tips was the best way to start again. Even Facebook has become considerably more complicated since the last time I used it. Like you, I used to have a very clear separation on FB with it being only for personal use, but I didn’t really use it that much and then got involved with a network professionally that used FB and that wasn’t entirely comfortable for me. So I stopped using it. As well as getting overwhelmed with tweets, it was all too much! But my new FB profile feels much more open, I feel comfortable interacting as “me” as I have this clear purpose now and it’s a great platform for that. Very happy to support with blogging though – I have an arrangement with my delightful Unicorn friend Hayley Hulme ( to support each other and that seems like a good thing, sharing knowledge, giving encouragement and sort of holding each other to account in an informal way. So please join the blogging party! And as an aside, just in case you are interested, all the dates for the Unicorn workshops are on the website and there are a few people coming to the next one to experience it outside of work but with a mindset that it might be something they want to take back to their organisation in the corporate format, which is it’s origin. Hope all is well for you and thanks so much for the comment, that was exciting and rewarding to read!

      Tracey Johnson - 12th March 2016

      Hi Georgia, thanks for your response. It certainly is good to know that there are probably quite a few of that feel the same. Great to see all the work that you are doing at Regenda. I still keep in touch with a few people and they are extremely positive about the learning they are doing with you. Will definitely take a look at the workshops and see what may take my fancy. Take care and see you soon hopefully. Tracey

Lynn May - 29th February 2016

Great blog Georgia. Open, honest, sharing and caring.

As one of your growing herd/posse/pride/tribe of unicorns I can honestly say I’m living better and happier thanks to your fabUlous transformational workshop. Hugely looking forward to our review session on March 20.

    Georgia Parker - 29th February 2016

    Thanks so much for the feedback Lynn,that’s exactly what I intended with that blog so glad it worked!! The collective noun for unicorns is a “blessing”. Which is rather lovely. Until I looked it up just now I thought of a constellation of unicorns. I like the idea of that – individual stars shining brightly that form a strong bond and connection that is universal and timeless. But actually bless feels more like the truth to me. Individually and collectively you are all certainly a blessing to me.

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