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Back to blogging: 3 reasons to reconnect with social media

About 3 years ago, I started and very much enjoyed creating the website and the content. I wrote about how to think, feel, live and work better, sharing knowledge from my experience to date and bringing the best of what I had learnt over the years in my career and training.

For about six months, I blogged, posted and tweeted regularly, engaging actively and connecting with people. Then it got too much!

What I have come to realise is that the reason I had for beginning the blog wasn’t sufficiently durable to sustain my efforts when work and life got busy. I began writing boathouseblogs whilst I was on holiday, when I had plenty of time to connect and engage.

Back at work, months later, with a busy schedule and lots of commitments to clients, it became less and less of a priority. I felt overwhelmed every time I logged into Twitter, there were so many conversations going on about topics I was interested in and cared about. I felt I was struggling to keep up with the dialogue and getting lost in the millions of voices somewhere out there. So I just stopped and my accounts lay dormant until now!

Now I’m entirely clear about my purpose, the reason for reconnecting and whilst I feel a little unsure about quite how to proceed, I’m up for giving it a go and seeing where it takes me. I have new account, a clear purpose and it’s unicorns all the way.  I want to promote and share the amazing knowledge and wisdom that comes with the workshop, Find Your Inner Unicorn. There is so much depth to this, I know I can blog and blog and keep blogging!

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What I want to do is connect and communicate with people, who like me, want to think, feel, live and work better (that part hasn’t changed!) and I have a new approach through Finding Your Inner Unicorn that is completely congruent with this. I can see now how I can benefit from social media and in return, I want to be of benefit to those I connect with using these platforms.

So here are my 3 reasons for reconnecting:

  1. It’s the way to go! I have a strong preference for working face to face, I love facilitating a group of people, doing deep transformational work and I recognise that in order to help me do this, I need to get with the programme and find people where they are – on their twitter accounts at lunchtime, on Facebook in the evening after work, on Linked In once the kids have gone to bed.
  1. I believe that what I want to share, my message, is of value and can make a difference. In order to be of service to as many people as possible, I want to use communication and engagement methods that others value and that have a place in their lives.
  1. It’s all learning for me and feeling stretched by this, out of my comfort zone, is a good thing for my growth and development. That’s a theme I’ll come back to in a future blog, the benefit of stepping outside our comfort zones, so in order to practice what I preach, here I go . . .

If any of these reasons connect with you, then let me know. I want to help others by sharing content, liking, commenting and so if I can help you out in some way through my social media presence, then give us a shout.